Sunday Morning Breakfast(Lunch) Club - Kolkata

Some Sunday morning-ish, a group of known (or new) people turn up at a pre-determined place in Kolkata for Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch and a bit of socializing and good time. This sometimes turn into Saturdays/other days also!! :P

Let's get together on some Sunday or any other convenient mornings for breakfast! [Or maybe for lunch or even dinner if breakfast becomes a tad early for some of us and all are game :) Time is flexible!]

We can also have the time change. Maybe sometime early morning also if it fancies people :)

It also a way for us friends to keep in regular touch in such a busy and hectic life!
Also a place we meet fellow enthusiast in food and learn about the city via food.
One by-product is maybe you will make good friends as I have made :)

Only some guidelines:-
1. No going to the same place two months/week in a row (if possible)
2. There must be at least 2 people that are definitely going to be there! No one person showing up alone!
3. it’s a completely Dutch group :) as in "his-his-whose-whose" style :P Only exception is if group wants, drinks can be billed separately!
4. An Food-meetup aka SMBLC meetup event can be created by anyone(any member). In fact multiple events can happen on a day. Just make sure, it’s non-competing & do report-back with suggestions/write & pictures of the place/event. Just use the "Create Event" feature on left hand side of the group page or ask the Admin to create one for you.
5. Lastly please don’t use this as a platform for selling/marketing stuff. This is NOT a business n/w group. There are other groups for that. People who will indulge in the same or not follow the guidelines, will be banned. Admin decision will be final.
6. Any personal allegation, remark, abuse, taunt will NOT be tolerated and will lead to the person involved being banned immediately

NOTICE: Latest Forum Guideline update - Membership is open to all, subject to the FB account having a human name, and not some made-up-gobbledegook. Existing members with names that do not identify the person's name clearly will have 7 days to comply with this new stipulation. Non-compliance will lead to membership be cancelled. Admin has the final say in this. Also, no abusive language while posting please. This group is only about love of food and exploring the city of joy aka Kolkata, nothing else.

If this sounds like something you may enjoy then join the group join & see you at ***Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch***

Let's make this a regular thing guys! Could be fun! Let the "Khaaton Gang" as IDG(Indra) also calls us, explore :P

Twitter handle: #SMBLC
Email: [email protected]

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