Stella Maris College Scout Group

Iin April 1956, Bro. James, Capt. Callaby and Mr. Edward Tortell, held a meeting and together agreed that a Scout Group could and should be formed.

On the 27th October 1956, the first Recruits were invested as Scouts at the 1st Sliema Group Headquarters. During the following winter, the Group grew by easy stages and it then stood at 3 patrols of 7 boys each: Bulldogs, Horses and Cats.

By 1958, the Group had expanded and its good effects on the whole of the College had started to show themselves.

In the dying days of the 1963-64 school year, GSM C. Johnson, lately in charge of the Msida Troop, reformed the College Group.

Since then, the Group continued to strengthen itself and evolve. The Venture scout section was eventually opened, and in the 1990s, with the approval of the College Director, the Group opened its doors to female scouts in all sections.

In 2006-2007, the Group commemorated the 50th anniversary since being established. The highlights of these celebrations were a Thanksgiving Mass that was followed by a District Parade along the streets of Gzira, held on the 1st July 2007, and a trip to the United Kingdom between the 29th July and 9th August 2007.

In December 2007, the Rover Crew was opened, with the first nine Rover scouts being invested. The Stella Maris College Scout Group is still growing, and at present it consists of some 85 members.