This is an OPEN GROUP site for INTERNATIONAL SNAPSHOOTERS intended for NOVICE, AMATEUR, PROFESSIONAL, even those with LITTLE KNOWLEDGE in Photography and EVERYONE who want to showcase or share their snap photos for the whole world to View. Offensive, pornographic, political, and other non-relevant photography topics are strictly prohibited.

COME and enjoy the INTERACTION and the CAMARADERIE! Invite or ADD your friends to the group. Relax and Feel at Home here!


Please spent a few minutes of your time reading the group site rules. Happy viewing and sharing:

Quick Guide on Posting and sharing:
1. POST your share on the WALL.

2. POST only Images that you OWNED and have taken the shot in our Group Site.
*** NO Posting of PHOTOGRABBED or STOLEN Images.
*** NO posting/sharing of Funshots, Images and other works picked up from the Web.
*** NO posting of Your OWN Fun Quotes, Jokes, non Photography Related Photos and Videos
*** NO posting of "Like My Page", "Vote for my Photo" and other similar requests without approval of the Admins. You can however do it if it is posted within your own Shared Photos on the wall as part of the Caption or posted in the Comment Box.
*** NO postings of ADS on the site.

3. We are a FAMILY ORIENTED Photography site with KIDS as members. Please read this Posting Advisory-1 (

4. PLEASE LIMIT our Posts/shares of photos between 3 to 5 only per day per member to give way to other members for their photos to have a chance for equal exposure on the wall. (