Sneaker Royale

MISSION STATEMENT - est. February 23, 2015

SNEAKER ROYALE was created to provide a safe environment for legal transactions involving sneakers, whether buying/selling/trading/RAFFLING kicks within Australia. We want all members to feel safe and have a great experience in this group.

This group was patterned from a sneaker community in the United States. The biggest difference of this group from other sneaker groups in Australia is that;

1.) We were created strictly for business. That means there is zero tolerance for any negative or derogatory statements about someone's posts on items they are selling or their prices. The items are yours, so you set your own price. BUT DONT BE IGNORANT! KEEP IN MIND, that the BETTER YOUR PRICES ARE, THE FASTER THEY WILL SELL. And as sneakerheads, let us set a more realistic price on the items we sell. Buyers aren't stupid. We all know the market values of our sneakers. We discourage anyone on buying slots on overpriced raffles.

2.) One of the biggest inspiration on creating this group, is doing SNEAKER RAFFLES, hence the name "SNEAKER ROYALE" from the movie CASINO ROYALE. For example; a seller sets how many slots are available on a raffle, sets a price per slot, and gives a list of prices available for their raffle.
- raffles have to be admin approved
- raffle slots should be priced realistically for what the prizes are on the said raffle.
- participants choose a number available on the slot list and when all slots are filled, thats the only time everyone pays
- payments are to be done via paypal or bank deposit
- raffles will be drawn based on OZ lotto tuesday, power ball thursday lotto or saturday lotto which ever is the next draw when all slots are paid.
- raffle prices will be based on market value or what the raffler paid for, which ever is higher.

3.) No auctions on this group. You will have to put a fixed price on your shoes. No testing waters in here..

4.) There is no Trolling and CYBER BULLYING allowed on this group. Bashing members for their prices is not allowed. NO ONE IS A PRICE POLICE! But again, sellers must be realistic to your price to sell your items faster. And again, as sneakerheads we all know the proper market value of our sneakers. Also, MEMES are not allowed unless it's within a group discussion and is not directed to any members.

5.) We will be making a list of LEGIT SELLERS and RAFFLERS and regularly update it. It will be found on the PINNED POST.

Feel free to add members that you know are legit.