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Hello Folks!!
Welcome to our studio. Here we play and live. We are a bunch of professionals who are designing anything for you, providing the best works. Share your view, works and even want to say a hi! just post it. ;)
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★Our YouTube Channel -
★Graph FX Channel -
★Our Facebook page -
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★We Make :-
Facebook and Twitter Covers, 3D and 2D stuff, Logos, Intro videos, Channel art, Wallpapers, posters, Facebook DP edits, Speed arts, Signatures Banners and other stuff
1.Firstly the most important rule does not share anything that’s having even 1% of abusive things.
2.Do not use any abusive word for anyone here.
3.Respect every ones work.
4.Try to help each other.
5.Maintain the dignity of the Group
6.Don't post ads or abusive things.
If you doesn’t follow the rules you will be banned directly.
Free Works will be done weekly or if any designer wants to do it for you. You don’t have to add members for free works.
How to Pay -
You can pay us through Mobile Recharge, Net recharge, Airtel Money, Mpesa, Net Banking, Paypal, Paytm, etc.The Person who is designing your work will tell how to pay and the details and if you get problem contact admins.

1.Facebook Covers - ₹50 / ₹100 / ₹150
2.Youtube Banners - ₹50 / ₹100 / ₹150
3.Logo - ₹150 / ₹200/ ₹500
4.Photo Editing - ₹50 / ₹100 / ₹150
5.Twitter Profile Full Designing - ₹100 / ₹150 / ₹200
7.Intro/Outro for Yt channel - ₹100 / ₹150 / ₹200
8.E - Cards (For Greetings, For Celebration, For Fun) - ₹100 / ₹200 / ₹300
9.Social Integration – contact admin
Kanishk Guha Mozumder (Leader) Ps+Ai
Khā Lêd (Co-Leader) Ps+C4d+Ae
Sidharth Mundhra (Manager) Ps+C4d
Mohamed Javed (Artist) Ps+C4d+Ae
Md Siwom (Artist) Ps
Mdpro (Artist) Ps+C4d+Ae
Mohammad Hammad (Artist) C4d+Ps+Ai
C4D + Ps + Ae + Ai users. Any one of them can join us.
Just go for it.
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