SoCal Swing Dance

Welcome to SoCal Swing Dance - your best resource for West Coast Swing Dancingin Southern California.
Please invite your friends who are interested in Swing Dancing to join our group as well!

Looking for a fun partner dance to the music you hear in bars and clubs? Then West Coast Swing is for you.

Join this group for weekly updates and invites about dances and events we run or recommend. We host swing dances and provide instruction around the Southern California area. Currently we focus on West Coast Swing but our website has information about Lindy Hop/Jitterbug as well.

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Thursdays: Swingin the Blues at Atomic Ballroom in Irvine
- 7:00pm Beginning WCS with Ben Morris
- 7:00pm Int/Adv WCS with rotating instructors
- 7:45pm Intermediate WCS with Ben Morris
- 7:45pm Advanced WCS with Guest Instructors
- 8:30pm Open Dancing with Guest DJs