Sohum Consciousness Show

Soham- You are the same as I am”. Sanskrit word which means,”self pride.” Soham is also a sound created when we breath in and ‘HAM’ or ‘OM’ is the sound when we breath out. Anapan meditation in Bhuddist is called ‘Soham’ meditation in Hindus Watching the breath). Soham is the sound, which every living being takes knowingly or unknowingly. It is an ajpa-jap (continuous chanting) generated everywhere in atmosphere. Soham also denotes the oneness of every living being. So ham shows the unification of God. It is a very powerful mantra like Aum. In Vedic philosophy it means identifying oneself with the Cosmic energy or universal consciousness. The element of Mantra is ‘AIR’.

Overall Goal of Sohum.

The overall goal of So hum is to connect with the thousands and millions of people to share, edify and mutually grow in raising the general consciousness levels. This shall include the cooperation of hundreds of thousands of light workers, healers, yoga and meditation masters, astral science and para-physics experts, vaastu and astro experts, almost anyone who can contribute towards general and specific healing and raising the general consciousness awareness level amongst our brothers and sisters.

Who can join?
Someone who has a heart of Seva. A conviction to help to self and others. An understanding that helping others will go a long way in helping ourselves. Thus we shall only join with those who have Seva first in their priority list and then earning. As by sharing the earnings also we benefit each other. Someone who does not just sit there and like and comment on posts. We join with someone who is willing to rise up from their seats, move out of the doors and travel to places where good people connect, share, edify and mutually grow. Thus people who can ACT not just sit.

So Hum’s Long term Vision:
Our long term vision is to reach a point that one day we have achieved such self sufficiency by virtue of recognising our own potential that money remains secondary at So hum family and so perhaps with the socio economic structure of the world. We are finally able to help each other with no expectation of exchange.

Methods through which we achieve that is.
Podcasts followed by offline events – Annual mega event on- registrations on memberships for subsequent monthly and annual events.