Soko Nyeusi Reloaded

Soko Nyeusi Reloaded is a business group that provides a platform for people to buy and sell their wares online. Given the recent closure of the original "Soko Nyeusi" group due to a number of reasons, we have taken a number of steps to ensure that the same does NOT happen here. It is for this reason that the following types of posts are prohibited in this group:

**Pornographic or any other obscene posts**

**Posts regarding weapons or other accessories to crime/robbery**

**Spam posts whose only aim is to generate traffic**

**Posts that border on hate speech or negatively intimidating norms**


**Tribally geared negative statements**

The group's administrator is thereby not liable or responsible for any cases of business gone sour or other related situations therewith.
Kindly exercise caution in all your business deals.

****All the best in all your business endeavors!! Let's grow this group into the famous 'Soko Nyeusi' that we once knew!!****

As the group's administrator, I vow to put my best foot forward to moderate and ensure that all goes well. Kindly report any cases of the vices mentioned above in case you come across any.