Global Solidarity Alliance

This group has been created with one sole purpose. To unite key activists of large networks. So we can work as one collective to establish guidelines to endorse throughout our alliance. These ideals will aim to create continuity and solidarity throughout all of our extensive networks. To end the infighting and create a proactive atmosphere to collaborate together in seeking proactive solutions to the dilemmas we face in society today. The focus is on this element only. We are not here to discuss the issues and problems themselves. Only to create a generic guideline to be used and endorsed in all ABOUTs for all pages and groups. Only the administrators are able to post in this group. However, key members of other networks are here to comment and offer their viewpoints and feedback. We will use the democratic process taking into consideration the desires of the minorities to establish our generic guideline. For the time being the 5 administrators of this group will be those in our newly formed alliance.

Omer Joseph Gaudet Jr - Truth Movement Canada network
Eckard Pfeifer - Committee of 666 (
Joe McHandcok - Anonymous Occupy the White House (AOTWH)
Curtis Occupy Global Bard - Global Occupy network
Sabine Wurm - Global Anon Network

The current generic ABOUT description being used for this alliance can be found at the following link:

This generic description is already in place on 100+ pages and groups. More are being added each day.

ALL member please take note: