Solo Ads and Adswaps

This Group is for anything about Solo Ads or Adswaps. You can advertise your solo ads, or post requests, but please limit to once per day. You can also advertise your list for sale, click bank requests, and thank you page ads. No other affiliate links or spam links - these will be deleted and posters will be banned.

When posting ads for solos please include a link to your testimonial page or offer a discount rate in return for testimonials after. We may remove posts otherwise if we do not know you. This is to reduce the risk of scammers.

** Important - we remove people if they are known scammers, or if several people report them to us - but carry out your own due diligence before buying solo ads **

Current Blacklist:
Mob Webz
Maddison Parkin
Brittany R Briscoe
JOSEPH P CARTER (aka Souranka Dutta)

For JV Giveaways please use this group

For general marketing please use