Somerset Phones & Tablets


1. Please only post mobile phones, tablets and any other items related such as accessories or add-ons etc in this group. No eBay/Amazon links or linking to other groups. If it is completely necessary to share a link, please do so in private message with the other party. Any unsuitable content or links will be deleted without warning.

2. Please ensure all items for sale include a price unless you are looking to swap. If you are flexible on price, add 'o.n.o' (or nearest offer) after the price. This prevents extremely low offers for high value items.

3. If you have multiple items for sale, please create an album. This helps keep the group tidy and easy to navigate.

4. Please be as descriptive as possible. If your items have faults or damage, please specify in as much detail as possible. Where possible, use megafix's repair price list to inform potential buyers of the service cost(s).

5. When items have been sold in or outside of the group, please clearly mark them as 'SOLD'.

6. Of course, abusive, racist, or any generally disrespectful behaviour will not be accepted. Any member doing so will be warned. If it happens a second time, they will be banned.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any transaction within this group. Please generally use common sense when purchasing items from strangers. Meet at a sensible place, make any relevant checks before handing your cash over and if you encounter any suspicious or illegal activity, report to your local authority immediately.

Thank you!