Soundbridge 2025

Sound Bridge 2025

Acknowledging the fast and dramatic changes that are occurring in the King’s Cross area, our team has been working on building bridges between the existent community and the future communities of King’s Cross.

Our main focus is sound.

We have been mapping the King’s Cross soundscape, recording and re-recording sounds from specific areas in and around the developments, thus compiling a library of current King’s Cross sounds.

Our intention is to involve the local community in creating a sound gift for the people who will live or work in King’s Cross in the imminent future. This will be carried out via a series of recordings around area that allow participants to tell their stories and connect with each other and the new developments through sound.

During the ceremony, this sound gift will be publicly broadcast and then put in a Time Capsule, which the future communities will uncover after the King’s Cross developments are completed in 2025. The Time Capsule will be buried into a wall at the centre of these developments.

We are hoping for this event to become a ritual, which future communities will get involved in, generation after generation. This will hopefully create a time chain of sound, connecting people with their future and with the future of their King’s Cross, and celebrating their involvement in the changes happening within the built environment.