The League of very Sovereign Scots


This site is for all people who care about Scotland. For people with a positive hope and vision for the future of Scotland and wish to see her returned to full nationhood again.

We collectively recognise that independence will give us the opportunity to use our country and all its abundant resources to make Scotland more economically successful, environmentally sustainable and socially just.

Swearing, vulgar, abusive, defamatory, harassing, hateful, offensive or threatening language is not allowed under any circumstances. Trolling of any kind or personally blocking an Admin will also lead to direct expulsion from the group. The Admins decision is always final and they don't have time to discuss any decisions taken.


Only posts relating to independence and the issues surrounding it will be accepted onto the group. Anything else will be deleted as it appears. This includes graphics with no comments attached, polls of any type or posts about the Royal family, religion or race. Songs, poetry or other "rousing" material also isn't allowed on here.
Before posting anything, ask yourself, "Does that post actually add anything to the debate on independence?", if it doesn't, remove it. We need you to be involved in the quality of issues under discussion. Take the debate seriously as the issues discussed represent our understanding of what will happen both with and without independence. That matters greatly to both sides of the national conversation.
With your individual help, the debates that take place will be both fascinating and illuminating and help deliver a far greater understanding of what we can expect from either a "yes" or a "no" vote.


Joining this group will give the member entitlement to use the suffix "- a very Sovereign Scot" after their name and "Lvss" or "Vss" for short.

This pays homage to the "Declaration of Arbroath 1320" where the King at the time made the Scots a Sovereign people able to oust a King or ruler and choose a replacement of their liking.