Speak For The Animals: A WorldWide Email

The concept of this group is simple:

1.) All Vegans, or Vegan-transitioning people join this group. Please make sure you invite your Vegan friends - This is most important!

2.) We collaborate and organise a mass social media and email campaign.

3.) We set a date.

4.) We target a huge list of animal welfare organisations, environmental organisations and other organisations, and we ask them to stop supporting animal exploitation.

5.) We provide them with suggestions on how to move away from this.

6.) We infiltrate both Twitter and Facebook in numbers, and let the world see that Veganism can change the world.

If you are Vegan and you have an email account and internet access, please join this group and speak for the animals.

Note: If you are Vegetarian and are interested in making a move to Veganism, you are most welcome here, as long as you support an animal rights message :)

Thank you!