Sperm Donors UK : A Free Speech Group!

This is the largest UK sperm donor group. It's here to connect ...sperm donors with women who need help to get pregnant. Any donation method is permitted. It's a free speech group, so the only rules are : 1) don't spam, 2) don't scam, 3) don't be abusive, 4) don't post public comments that demand or imply that another member of the group should be banned, and 5) don't post repeated complaints if you have posts deleted for breaking rules 1-4. In general, breaches of the rules won't lead to people being removed from the group, although that may be unavoidable in extreme cases.

Although you can speak freely here, it's obviously advisable to be as specific as possible about what you're looking for as a recipient, or offering as a donor. Give a rough location, say how far you're willing to travel, and specify one or more donation methods (ie. AI for artificial insemination, NI for natural insemination, etc).

Feel free to check the Risk List provided in the pinned post for information about potentially dangerous individuals you may encounter, but please don't regard it as an exhaustive list - names are only added where there is absolutely compelling proof of a risk.

The admins of this group are Anthony Fletcher and Stephen Sweeney, both experienced donors. Contact one of us if you have any problems. It would also be appreciated if journalists/researchers would contact one of the admins before posting any media requests, just so we know what your intentions are.