Spider Reporter Squad

In order to secure Facebook & make it a safe place for everyone we've created this group. Our aim is to report fake Facebook ID, groups & pages which are dangerous & harmful for others.

1. If you want to report something then P.M to group admins for Attention . You have to provide the reason & proof (Exaple: Screenshots) The admins will post reports if it is eligible.

2. Everybody should not ignore posts from the Admin(s). Everbody must report according to the instructions given.When you report any account or page just took a screen shot as a proof and comment on that post.

3. You will banned if you spam,advertise,post unsual links on the wall or misbehave with other members and admins.

4. Admin(s) has the power to do any kind of change without informing. You have to trust us. We won't break your trusts.

Thank You

Group Admins:
Fagun Rain
হাসান ইমাম অন্তু
Shaikh Omi
Siam Rahman
Tashfi Neutron

Tanvir Tuhin
Fahim Hossain
Shaantoo Rabby
Mohammad Suman
Sabrina Nasrin Snigdha
মৌসুমী মৌ
অরন্যক পৃথিবী