Sports Accessories and Swag

This group is so apparel, gear, Demarini or Znation can be kept in one spot without having to search through other bats and ads. Now it can easily be found instead of finding a post here and a post there. With that being said i am a rep and have a company of my own so if i feel like there is a good deal my members would be interested in I will post what i see fit. I will also keep it updated with all the new inventory feel free to post your apparel, gear,Demarini's or Z's. We have a lot of reps here as well so you should be able to ask and find what you need. Please do not post any other bats, gloves, or anything in bad condition. When you get your products you can also leave feedback and let everyone know your thoughts on the seller and product. If you ever run into a problem with a deal on this page please contact administration (Marshall Toombs or myself) and we will help resolve the issue, we need to know if there is ever someone that is ngtg. Only Administration will be running raffles or approve the running of raffles.Talk with one of us and I'm sure we can work with you to get your stuff raffled if you know/invite enough people to fill it. This is also not just Softball/Baseball any sports accessories or gear is fine with me.If you are posting please include a photo.No spam, links, or advertising your page please.Thank you! ONLY DEMARINI OR Z BATS or MY PRE SALES ITEMS. Thank you