Spread Your English Chat Group

Spread Your English is an
exciting new way of
learning English which
will enable you to easily
expand your English to
new levels which you
never thought possible.
At Spread Your English
you will acquire English in
a very fun and natural
way by participating in
discussions, debates,
acting role-plays and
The focus of our
program is based on
building fluid
conversationalists who
can converse
confidently and
effectively in any given
situation. In order to
build fluid
conversationalists we
utilise a holistic
approach to language
learning which
incorporates all the
language acquisition
And a little writing.
Grammar is taught in an
interactive and fear free
way which is very
different from the long
boring hours of
grammar rules you may
have endured at school.
At Spread Your English
we understand that not
everybody learns in the
same way so we
ensure that a variety of
learning styles are
catered for. In a typical
Spread Your English
class you may find
yourself listening to
mp3 files of different
accents and dialects,
participating in group
discussions, watching
short video clips, writing
poems or even outdoors
learning how to read a
menu in English.
At the heart of Spread
Your English is a rich
social program and our
learners are encouraged
to interact with each
other as much as
possible in English via
social media and
organized group outings.
here is our page you can find lots of useful stuff regarding learning English :D
Kind Regards
SYE Team