SSC Exams Doubts & Solutions

This community is for the persons interested in a job in the govt through exams conducted by the Staff Selection Commission.Aspirants are invited to share their views/experiences and make a query on doubts if they have any. You will find in it posts on interesting & useful topics I assure..

SOME NORMS TO BE FOLLOWED, plz keep them in mind. Thanks!

2. No use of abusive words for anybody; we all here are friends after all.

3. Guys posting any ADVERTISEMENT STUFF/LINKS OF ANY OTHER GROUPS in the group will straightaway be banned permanently.

4. Avoid just giving answers to the queries made; try to support your answers/responses with some sort of explanation.

5. No queries shall be entertained from any admin's message box unless it's of confidential nature. Post it in the group/community only.

6. Members are requested not to post any questions on GK, Antonyms, Synonyms etc that could easily be found in a book or google etc. Yes if they fail to do so, only then they should post them here but stating the reason clearly .

7. They are also requested not to post their queries in an
irrelevant thread; rather they should post them in a relevant one or make a new thread.

8. Members are advised not to delete any of their posts of their own.

9. Queries not posted horizontally will be deleted straightaway.

10. Post only one query in one thread, not more than one in any case.