SSK Yoga

SSK stands for "Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya" which is also known as "URJA YOGA". SSK is a whole new provocative Energy techniques. A complete new approach to attain the Quantum Consciousness, Emotional Serenity, Personal Performance, Healing of Physical Discomforts and Personal Well Being.

SSK is a perfect blend of Spirituality and Health. The whole process of Urja Yoga consists of Meditation, Urja Uttejan Kriyas, Urja Yoga Mudras, Urja Yaam (Breathing Techniques), Urja Shuddhi Kriyas (Tapping Techniques) and Cosmic Healing as well.

We all are surrounded problems, commotions, unhappiness, misery, indisposition in our lives. We are encircled by our negative emotions. We do not have the real answer for all these and we pamper our mind by the hypothesis of Luck or Karma or Religious belief or by Philosophy. Or we divert our mind on another subject. Yes, it gives us temporary relief but again we lock-up in our emotional prison.

Mind creates much deterioration. Whenever we become victim of our negative emotions like Anger, Apathy, Envy, Egoism, Fear, Grief, Guilt, Insecurity, Pain, Possessiveness, Remorse, Shame, Trauma, Weariness… etc, we become emotionally wild and we lose control of our mind and intellect. We, our self become miserable and we hurt others by our emotional wildness. Now, almost every medical tradition accepts that our negative emotions and mental deterioration are the real cause of almost 85% of the diseases.

Thousands of years ago, ancient yogis and meditation experts have discovered, through the meditation and minute observations of our every cellular movement, which our body is reactive on every negative emotions, our breathing becomes abnormal and some biochemical reaction happens at very subtle level in the body. The actual reason of these emotional reactions is nowhere but in the body’s energy system.

SSK is based on these ancient discoveries and the modern science. The procedures are intended for the Self Development, Physical & Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence.

SSK works very rapidly and effectively to clear the emotional impact of past issues, physical health and performance related issues. As an essence of mind and body connection, sometimes we get astonishing results even in a minute. Once you clear out your emotional garbage, your physical ailments start to subside as well. Headache, back pain and other physical pains often tend to improve or vanish. Your vision may become clearer and your everyday stress may take no place into your mind at all. Accordingly, you may apply this simplest procedure to just about everything. That is one of the most surprising facts about it. You can use the same fundamental protocol for your fear of public speaking as you also improve your sports performance, fear, trauma, depression, grief… etc.