Staffs Video Game Society

Facebook page for Staffordshire Video Gaming Society. If you would like to contact a member of staff, please drop an email to [email protected] and we will pick it up.

If you would like to advertise in this group, please contact James Ogunyale or Thomas Bauldry and James Banton (found under Admins here: and we will let you know if it is okay. As a rule, we generally allow through any game or tech related advertisements, offers, etc.

Basic rules for members:
- No malicious trolling. Doing something to get a rise out of any number of people is not cool.
- No personal attacks on any member of the group.
- No discrimination against anyone, including certain topics that seem to appear a lot about peoples' preferences(e.g. Console vs PC).
- Finally, whilst you are free to express your opinions, we suggest doing so in a way that isn't heavy-handed and takes into consideration peoples' feelings and potential repercussions.

The teamspeak of old is gone join this one now for all your voice comms needs