C++ is the brainchild of Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is a general purpose programming language with a bias towards systems programming that is a better C, supports data abstraction, supports object-oriented programming and supports generic programming.

The only accepted language here is English!

This group is for all enthusiasts and professionals loving C++, who love to exchange their knowledge and learn new methods to make more awesome applications. We want to focus on C++ or closely related topics alone! So please refrain from asking questions or posting code from other languages.

If you have a pressing question, please do the following things first before posting anything:
1. Search this group for the topic
2. Search in this groups Files section
3. Search in Google for it (I mean seriously)
4. Don't be a 'Help Vampire'
5. Don't post complete programs or long code here, put them on http://pastebin.com/
6. Don't post homework here, solve it yourself
7. Please only upload Text-Files (no code) to our file section
8. Do not post anything about antique compilers like TurboC or DevC++
9. Read the Smart Question guide from Eric Raymond before you post anything

And if you're a newbie/n00b/student then please also look at how to properly ask questions in forums and groups, this FAQ/Guide from Eric Raymond exists in almost 20 languages. It will help you to receive more useful answers right from the start:

This especially counts for the following questions that we get asked on a weekly basis. We answered them a dozen times already. Such posts will be deleted without a warning:
- "What is the best editor or IDE for C++"
- "What is the best book for a beginner"

A good website to start on, the source of all that's C++ if you will, is Bjarne's homepage: http://www2.research.att.com/~bs/C++.html
Or watch the master speak about what bit him to invent C++ and why it is still the leading technology: http://bigthink.com/bjarnestroustrup

Your contribution is very welcome here but please do NOT post links with no mention of what it is or why people should click on it. Write a concise description for it instead.

Any spamming (unsolicited advertising), advertizing of your own tutorial blog, disrespectful behaviour, arguing with the admins and disregard of the above rules will result in a kick or ban. Spammers are kicked/banned without warning. Job recruiters are treated like spammers if they post in the group directly, so pls do place your job offers in the appropriate files section instead.