Pug City

Pug City
Established by Stitch the Pug in February 2014,

We we...lcome all pugs, animals who aspire to be pugs and the people who love them. Our Citizens want for nothing. Our social, business and nightlife are sure to bring about a pug-spinning, butt-sniffing, face-licking good time.

Your Pug City Administration is always here to serve and answer questions. Please Contact any of us: Rod Sutherland, Jennifer Sutherland, Jon Shelley (Mayor Bailey), Karen Smith Hesser, Randi-Lynn Miller, Jessica Frazier

Our primary rule of conduct is mutual respect. Rudeness of any kind has no place in Pug City. Pugs, keep an eye on your humans.

We strive to create the happiest place on all the internet. You make that possible. Share your photos, stories and joys of pug life. Get to know the many characters who roam the streets of Pug City. Use your imaginations. Develop your own Pug City Personality. Establish a virtual business through the Business Administration- Post your business and we will add you to the Business Association list.

We have spacious parks, an agility park, fire hydrants on every corner. You will never see a mailman. Our streets are completely safe for all pugs- no need to leash your human. We have Pug Puppy Daycare, a shopping mall and downtown entertainment center with bars, food and movie theater with such features as Men in Black, starring Frank the Pug, (cat) and Otis, All (PUGS) go to Heaven and others.

We have a chapel where we will share bible and inspirational verses, words and images to remind us of G*d’s generous love. We offer prayerful support for all that troubles your heart, mind and body.

We offer occasional limited Pug City merchandise in the Pug City Marketplace. Share your love for Pug City. Merchandise will be sold at or near cost.

Unfortunately, whenever humans get involved we need a few rules of conduct:

Always be respectful. Rude posts or comments will be removed. Repeat offenders will be removed from Pug City- -DON’T MESS WITH LILY BULLDOG (DEPUTY)-

Sorry, no outside fundraising!! We support and encourage direct contributions to organizations you trust. Violators will be removed!! We understand your passion. We share it. But this is not the place.

No Sales of outside merchandise, puppy, kitty person or animals of any kind. This is strictly enforced. A cute photo of a litter of puppies is not an invite to ask about sales. Nor is it an invite to engage in a discussion of breeding versus rescue- that argument will not be settled here. If conflict arises, please refer to first rule.

Any Videos or Photos that contain abusive material will be deleted no questions asked. Either to animals or people. Depending on content if severe enough the poster of such videos will be removed also. Pug City is a animal/family friendly site and we intend to keep it that way. Thank you for understanding.