St Josephs' High School, Pashan.

Here's a group for all the CJM we can stay in touch with each other...regardless of where we are at the moment.

PS - You know you're a pure-bred Josephite when -

1) The general championship cup defines your whole academic existence.
2) Lunch time is generally spent on the LOC - simultaneously flirting with Loyolites and hiding from teachers!
3) The old hall is only ever needed when you're bunking classes.
4) Preparations for any school event are just an excuse to run out of class.
5) The school fete is the biggest day of your year - and is marked on your calenders!
6) You spend hours learning how to 'cook' with Mrs. Nadkarni - and the recipes stay the same every year (remember her infamous chocolate cake??)
7) The worst form of punishment (and often the most enjoyable) is standing in the porch outside the principal's office.
8) The smell of Mrs. Martin's perfume is ingrained in your subconscious forever!
9) You dont care about getting a deep/semi-permanent tan while practicing for your house march past!
10) Being the 'blackboard monitor/cleaner/thought-of-the-day writer'' is an honourable task!
11) Your world revolves around making Mrs. Pisharotty's life hell, so she can 'shoo' you and the whole class can snigger at her 'shooooshes'.
12) You're so used to Mrs. Datye's constant fluctuations of voice decibel levels that you stop noticing them completely.
13) You are extremely well acquainted with the Pashan area - especially Pizza Hut, McDs and ShivSagar!
14) The canteen vadapav is cold, stale and chemical-laden, but you still crave it everyday.
15) Till you are in 8th grade you hate Loyolites - after that they become your best friends (and more) for life!
16) You delight yourselves by spreading rumours about flings between Loyola's principal and our prinicipal!
(DISCLAIMER - This group does not condone the spread of such malicious lies in any way - no matter how funny the rumours are (I really don't want to get sued for defamation of character guys...!)
17) You've always wondered why there's a table tennis table in the porch, as never in your life have you seen anyone use it!
18) Computer classes are just an excuse to play games!
19) The librarian is stereotypically indifferent towards you and always keeps the good books to herself!
20) You were made class prefect by Mrs. Bhende because you're the noisiest kid in class!
21) Art period with Mrs. Nadkarni involves projects such as 'making colourful paper rings'!
22) You love 'minding' primary school classes when teachers are organizing events so you can boss over little kids + hang out with your friends!
23) As a senior, you make everyone you know fill out forbidden scrapbooks and diaries whilst desperately hoping you wont get caught by a teacher!
24) You laugh at Mrs. Bharati's english skills and learn Marathi songs for your PT exam to impress her!
25) (By Anusha Menon) - When you call every girl younger than you 'Hey Girlie'...
26) (By Anusha Menon) - When you find it freaky that Mrs. Bharati keeps interrupting you constantly during your efforts to explain things to her.
27) (By Karishma Vachani) - When the better part of your day is spent laughing at Mrs. Bharati conducting mass PT and using statements such as 'School disappear' when she means 'School disperse'!
28) When the names Sr. Martina and Mrs. Perreira scare you more than Saw I, II, III and IV bundled together!
29) (By Manasi N. J) - When you cry like a baby on your last day in front of the whole school because you're scared you'll never see it agan, even when you know you'll be back in the evening for the farewell social!
By Yadupriya Kulkarni -
30) The minute you spot a Loyolite, you immediately make a face...even if he may be your Grandpa's age..
31) Attempts to sing remind you of Mr. Antiya
32) You feel that addressing teachers as "Miss" should be made legal (irresp. of whether they are married or not)...and saying "Ma'am" or "Madam" is sooo Marathi-medium (or worse VB/NCL like!!!)
33) You know the backstage area of New Hall better than the stage itself.. (ahhhhh..memories)
34) You call your college peons "Helpers" and wonder why everyone looks at you weirdly
35) You staunchly believe that "I'm from Joseph's" should OBVIOUSLY refer to dear old Alma Mater....HOW can one confuse me with a student from Joseph's Khadki??? (blasphemous!)
36) You try to organize your pets, kids, colleagues, etc. into Red House, Blue House and so on..
37) (By Ipshita Malakar) The two most embarassing things you've done in school are - Mrs. Bharati's 'Lejhim' dance and the PT display finale!
38) (By Nandita Muralidhar) - When you do sheersasana (headstands) to impress Ms. Perreira and get extra points in your PT exam!
39) (By Sudha Kanikicharla) - When 'polished shoes' includes polished rims and its not considered creepy to get your bloomer checked by your principal every morning!
40) (By Nandita Muralidhar) - When you get extra marks in the PT exam from Ms Pereira for doing the headstand- sheershasana.
41) (By Padmini Venugopal) - When your lunch breaks consist of 15 minutes of eating and 30 min of 'folk dance' practice!
41) (By Avanti Pandit) - When you call anyone older than you 'didi'...!
(By Karishma Modi) -
42) When you make a face at having to get a new PT uniform because the old one was starting to look nicely cheer-leader-ish.
43) When you beam proudly all over the place because the beige uniform is way cooler than everyone else's half-hearted imitations of it.
44) When losing the first badge you get was a seriously distressing event.
45) When you said 'mid-calf socks' to the Apsara shopkeeper, he'd nod knowingly.
By Rucha Kelapure - 46) When you rub ur shoes with the back of ur socks during checks.
47) When you are late in catching your bus home (and thus run to the main gate) and are shooed away by the gate monitors.
48) When (on the day before the fete) all 10th standard students sit in the old hall making stall decorations.
49) When you constantly repeat Mrs. Bharti's left left left right left (march past commands)!
50) When you enjoy the announcements of extended lunch breaks!