Stratford Southend Friends and Family Reunion Group

DEAR FB Family and Friends over this Summer I have seen post for FPV reunion which has been going on for years, PT reunion, Marina Village Reunion the same.

SO, what about a SOUTHEND STRATFORD REUNION !!! We were on the map where everyone was coming out to STRATFORD to get that STRATFORD DITE ladies and play ball at Johnson Jr. High hang on PRISCILLA LANE and LARKIN CT at night.

So, with this said I would like to get a committee together and start Stratford. We don't see everybody that much and it would be great for our kids to know how we did things back in the days.

If you guys think it is a good ideal holla at your girl. It would be nice to have the reunion starting Fri-Sun. I feel First Baptist Church would be our place of service worship on Sunday, seeing how that's where many of us began with God there.

Holla, at your girl if you think it is a good idea and we can start planning our event for 2015. — feeling excited. :)

With loads of love,
Michelle Howard