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★কিছু গুরুত্বপূর্ণ সংস্থার পূর্নরূপ ও সদস্য
>FAO-Food and Agricultural Organization*193
>ICAO-International civil Aviation Organization
>WMO-World Meteorological Organization *189.
>WIPO-World Intellectual Property Organization
>IAEA-International Atomic Energy Agency *151.
>NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization *28.
>BIMSTEC-Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-sectoral
Ttechnical and Economic Co-operation*7.
>ASEAN-Association of South East Asian Nations
>SAARC-South Asian Association for Regional Co-
operation *8.
>OPEC-Organization of Petroleum Exporting
County.* 12.
>CIRDAP>Center on Integrated Rural Development
for Asia and Pacific *14.
>APEC-Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation -21.
★লেখা*-\-\-\-\(ভোরের আকাশ).