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To guide, advise and assist hot new talent through the tough, cut-throat fashion and modeling industry, one step at a time.
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Help as many people get famous as fast as humanly possible!!!
SPY fast-tracks hot NEW Models & Talent to top local & International Model Agencies. Get your life moving!! Were searching for YOU; Apply Now - We can help you get your modeling career moving!!!
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Spy Model Agency…
The coolest, fastest… and easiest way to get your modeling or acting career moving forward. You do nothing; we do all the hard work getting you into one of Australia’s top model & talent agencies.
Sign up with the wrong agency and it could kill your career before it gets started. In the toughest, most cut-throat industry in the world, it’s incredibly important you do every single...See More
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Products Our product is our amazing new service to young hot up'n'coming talent and models.
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Anisuzzaman Anis : 01670786895
Fahim Khan : 01731061114
Amit Mashriq : 01681135634