Successful Relationships and Marriages

Successful Relationships and Marriages
are founded out of true and sincere love. Where many people think that
to succeed in Relationships and Marriage is nearly impossible, we
believe that it is possible where true love is involved.

Successful Relationships and Marriages are as rare as Gold .Great
Husbands and wives are also very rare. Succeeding in Relationships and
Marriages is something so many have admired to be in their entire lives
and rarely achieve that insomuch some even goes to witch doctors to be
able succeed in their Relationships and Marriage.

Truth is, you don’t need to go anywhere but right here, and all you need
to succeed in Relationship and Marriage is freely available here in
terms of great advices, love articles, love and relationship books,
health and nutrition information, the word of God, sex skills, guidance
and counseling, and for the singles, Lovers are right here ready to

Let us work together to make Relationships and Marriages work. Welcome.

The TEN commandments of Successful Relationships and Marriage Forum:
1. . This forum shall not be used to post pornographic and/or similar
posts and materials. Anyone who posts such will also be banned from the

2. We do not solicit for money or other financial support in this forum.
Never give money to any individual who may use this group to solicit
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the administrators. Otherwise, no such post will be approved.

3. This is not a business site hence no commercial activities are
allowed on the wall; there are so many commercial forums that one can
use for business, here let us promote passion. Any such post will be
deleted without warning.
4. You are free to add friends.

5 The official language for this group is English. Try as much as
possible to adhere to it for the sake of non-Kenyans in the forum. Let
no one miss out on the passion.

6. We resolve to be active contributors and listeners; we shall
accommodate each other’s views with respect, decorum and patience. We
can mentor, correct, support and embrace each other without being

7. Comments/posts with shouting, yelling, cursing, and use of rude,
abusive and disrespectful language will not be tolerated, we are here to
nurture passion not hatred.

8. Do not use this group to settle personal scores with others, rather
use inbox. Unresolved grievances and personal resentments should be
resolved outside the forum.

9. Posts and comments that contravene the above Ground Rules will not be
tolerated and the person concerned may have his or her membership to
this group terminated.

10. The rules are dynamic.

All are welcome.