Welcome to Summersville, MO Online Yard Sale! Please be respectful of every member here. We ask that you create one album titled with your name to add your photos of items for sale. If you need to add more photos, then add it to that album and do not create a new one. Adding photos individually to the wall clutters up the board & makes it harder for everyone to find what they might need. If you absolutely can't make an album, then please don't go overboard posting pictures directly to the wall. Also please bump your entire album instead of each individual photo & limit it to once every 24 hours. Please do not post your at-home businesses. For example: It Works, Avon, Plexus, Scentsy or anything else of that nature. Craft items and yard sale items only are allowed here. Foul language and/or hatred will not be tolerated. We are adults, let's act like it. If you post an item & someone asks you to hold it, it is your choice whether or not to do so. However, if you do agree to hold the item, please make sure you give the buyer until the agreed upon time/day to pick it up. If you are the buyer please don't ask for someone to hold an item & then not show up to buy it. Sellers, please go in order of the comments of those interested in your items. Buyers, if someone already commented interest in an item, if you comment "Next" that will place you in line to buy the item if those before you fall through. If you have any questions, please contact Shelly (administrator) to help you out. Thank you & happy yard saling!