Sun-Dog Coyote Art


For the general discussion of all art done by Sun Dog Coyote. While this group is centered around Sun Dog's art, any an all art talk is welcomed. Everything must be kept clean, though, and no excessive use of rude language or inappropriate, or hurtful statements. Discussion about art with violence and or material with gore is allowed. Nothing at the 'adult' level should be brought up here, and will result in group membership removal.

This group has a major focus on the following art, so do not join this group if you cannot tolerate it. Thank you.

(All art done by Sun Dog is therefore copyrighted to said artist. Any art work seen here done by Sun Dog IS NOT FREE TO USE, unless stated other wise. DO NOT STEAL.)


ART DISCUSSION that may take place here:

Animal, Anime, Tribal/Tribal Fantasy, Anthro/Anthro Fantasy, Spiritual (with or without specific mention to any religion), Furry, Clothing or Costuming Design (including Cosplay and Fursuiting), open character discussion, open roleplaying discussion (about anything), art in general--hobby or business related.

Please remember to be intelligent with you comments!
Please be respectful! DO NOT STEAL or HARASS someone else!


FEEL FREE TO CONTACT Sun Dog via EMAIL for a general chat or or any questions or concerns! Thank you!

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