SAS Club - Sunway University

Hi guys,
Hope you guys can join this club and we will make it a successful club opened to ALL STUDENTS of SUNWAY UNIVERSITY!

Advisor - Ms. Angela
External advisor - Lemon
External Consultant - Justin
President : Christine Yap
Vice president : Jazz Gan
Vice president : MK Yap
Secretary : Su Qin
Asst. Secretary : Fong Wei Bin
Treasurer : Tan Ming Jo
Events Manager : Kimberlly Siow
Asst. Events Manager : Vinudha
Asst. Events Manager : Jian Wei
Asst. Events Manager : Francis Yeap
Creativity Manager : Evelyn Liu
Asst. Creativity Manager : Chee Su Ann
Asst. Creativity Manager : Fennie Lee
PR Manager : Jack
Asst. PR Manager : Amanda Teoh
Asst. PR Manager : Karine Chaw
Asst. PR Manager : Venus Ng
Photographer : Zai Hong

WHAT is Business Intelligence?
• Using software to analyse past, present and future trends of business
• Results support business decisions
• Needs both logical and creative thinking
• A potentially lucrative opportunity for local graduates as it is still niche

• A product of SAS Institute USA
• Short for Statistical Analysis System
• Leading software in business intelligence

WHO are we? What is SASCLUB?
• The bridge between Sunway University and SAS community worldwide
• A club looking for talented, logical and creative business thinkers
• Our activities are about bringing out the best in YOU
• We work HARD and play HARD
• Join us today to find out more!