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1. Watch the video at the top of the group, it explains everything the Supercharged Network is all about. The person who brought you here probably tagged you under the top video.

2. Ask questions in the group about our products, system, food and nutrition, and our members will be sure to help you out.

3. Get back to the person who invited you to this group to get more information about everything you have learned!


1. Post pictures of the nutrition that you are taking on a daily basis... it will show the visitors that we aren't just all about the money, we truly USE these life-changing products on a daily basis, and we want everyone to see that!

2. Post pictures of your new members and welcome them into the group! Every new member is FAMILY to us, so treat them that way! :))))

3. Post what daily physical activity you are doing for the day, it will inspire the rest of the group to get up off their butt and go do something! :)))

4. Post what your food looks like for the day, your meals, your shakes, inspire people by how clean you are eating, and how great your food can still taste and look.

5. Share your video of the day. If you truly want to make a difference in peoples lives videos are the BEST WAY... you will see me shooting daily videos, so why shouldn't you if you want to succeed? LETS GOOOO! :)))