Surreal Chicago

Who we are:

Surreal LLC is one of the nation's top nightlife marketing companies. We specialize in special events, grand openings, and weekly residencies of events across the nation. Our corporate headquarters is located in Chicago, IL, with divisions in Las Vegas and Miami.

Surreal LLC is America's finest promotion team, hosting the top events all over the country. Our events bring out an upscale crowd of trendsetters.

Our base is Chicago and we have just been voted "Chicago's Top Promoter." We have a very aggressive line up seven nights a week and major special events on occasions like Halloween and New Year's Eve. It’s no surprise that the readers of Chicago Scene magazine chose Surreal for the top spot in 2011.

Surreal Chicago is a major part of the nightlife community. Elite members of Chicago, Vegas, and Miami’s nightlife scenes rely on Surreal as their source of information on events and venues. Our interactive website,, tracks over 4,000,000 website hits per month.

The Surreal Difference..

Surreal brings something that no other promotional company can bring to the table. We’re a marketing powerhouse for the venues we work with. Surreal bring out the most coveted clients, and we make it even bigger with special guest appearances by celebrities and guest DJs, fashion shows, and theme events.

When it comes to bringing in a crowd, no one can match Surreal’s proven success record over the past decade. Surreal has the hottest line up every week around the country and our events are eagerly anticipated by the most desirable market sector.

The biggest difference, and the key to our success in the nightlife industry, is that Surreal brings people together. When you come to Surreal events you feel like you are part of the Surreal family. The Surreal name consistently brings together a group of people with similar interests and lifestyles. We are not only a promotional entity, but also a social networking entity. You can be sure to run into a familiar face at each and every Surreal event.

Our clients say…

“A good time; the perfect night; the best party ever. This is the platform that Brian Pfeiffer, founder of Surreal LLC contributes to Chicago Nightlife and it's scenesters. Brian is a prominent figure in the Chicago nightlife industry and has created events that leave a long lasting experience for anyone who attends them. Anyone who knows Brian can say he is a spark of energy and packs the house when it comes to entertaining. After building the best Tuesday night in the industry at Stone Lotus Lounge, Surreal fans have brought quite a following to his newest night on the town, Saturdays. Stone Lotus has been working with Brian for years and our appreciation towards him and his business is endless. His passion for people and making sure everyone surrounding him is having a good time is not only motivational but imperative when it comes to his success. Not only has he branded himself as ‘Mr. Surreal,’ but more importantly people rely on Brian week after week for the ‘ultimate night out.’ The ideas and concepts Brian generates for us motivate onlookers in the industry to take it to the next level. Without Brian and his staff though, this is one thing they will always fall short of."