Surrey Horse and Pony

This Group is open to the Public. Use this Group to Buy, Sell, Loan Or place Classified adverts selling Equine goods. All things equestrian in Surrey. All non horsey things,
scams, loans will be removed and blocked

Please read these rules and etiquette.

These will be closely followed due to the negative remarks we come across.

Any Negative or Nasty comments will result in the member being removed without question. This is an open group and ask that members are respectful and polite. Please ask Admin to link to groups first.

Please contact Admin if you have any problems with a member immediately.
We are a happy family on this site and Zero tolerance on this rule.

Please report anyone trying to scam people or not providing goods advertised, unscrupulous horse traders, or non horsey related posts. immediately.

We WILL NOT tolerate any abuse or threatening behaviour by anyone. Please report any behaviour to one of the Admins straight away.

We want this site to run smoothly and everyone to enjoy it!

1 – Group Etiquette

Below are a few guidelines for use of the group and some definitions you may need:

■No 'flaming' - in other words, avoid personal attacks, pettiness, abuse. Respect other users, and if you disagree with them, explain why politely.

■No 'trolling' - trolls are posts deliberately designed to provoke an angry response. That doesn't mean you can't be controversial, if you really mean it.

■No personal disputes - if it gets personal, I will take it offline and remove members. .

■Don't be patronising or sarcastic. It comes across about ten times worse online. You will be removed...

■Avoid typing in ALL CAPS, which is considered SHOUTING or YELLING! You will be banned from the group.

■Stay on topic - try to focus on the original topic. In particular, don't change subject in the middle of an existing thread. Your posts will be removed.