Machine embroidery designs, forum, tips and freebies

Here you will find seasoned and new embroidery business owners, willing to share their experiences, strategies, resolution techniques, and recommendations. As well as tips on machines, software, digitizing, pricing merchandise, sources for blanks and other information that embroidery business owners would find helpful. Please join us respectfully and learn about building an embroidery business or share your embroidery business journey with us.

Advice posted here should be taken into consideration with respect to the member of the group, However, it is ultimately your responsibility to protect yourself from fines, law suits or any circumstance deemed harmful to your business. Always, consult with the appropriate professional before making your final decision on a situation regarding your business.

Your gripes with your customers are welcomed here! Perhaps, sharing your experience will save someone else a headache! Or maybe we can offer you sound advice to assist you in resolving the issue in a professional manner!

Please feel free to post your website, youtube channel, and facebook blog pages here! I encourage all members to support each other.
Please feel free to post your pictures, with or without prices. There is no such thing as copying here! If you see a picture and would like to try out the design - post a picture when you are done! I would love to see your idea!

Vent here! This business can be stressful at times. Hopefully, you will find words of encouragement and motivation to get you back on track!

Welcome aboard!