Sydney Rave History

Sydney Rave History is a group for people who went to raves in Sydney from the early to late 90s. If you attended rave parties during this time period, welcome. If you are not friends with anyone in the group and do not send admin a PM, we will will reject your request to join. It is not a general group for people interested in DJing, EDM, club nights or rave memes. If you did not attend raves during this time period, this is not the group for you.

This page is a place to organise pictures, mixes and memories from the rave days. On the website there is a list of all major rave parties in Sydney from 1989-1997 and with the help of members will be able to complete information such as venues etc.

There is also a comprehensive list of mix tapes and sets available for download. Loads of pictures and many, many flyers. The website is growing everyday, so check back often. Check out the files section of this group for a list of old classic Sydney rave songs and feel free to add yours to it.

Have fun, respect other members and have a chat about the great old underground days of Sydney.