Table View Neighbours (New)

This is an open discussion group of residents living in Table View, Cape Town. The primary goal of this group is to get to know your neighbours. As such, we ask that you maintain a positive spirit, and interact in a respectful and informative manner, bearing in mind that our membership includes members of the press, and the medical profession. We ask that you ensure that you convey your intended meaning accurately. The same applies when reading posts - consider that the intended meaning might not necessarily be your interpretation.The administrators do not warrant the accuracy of information provided on this site, and the opinions presented are not necessarily those of the administrators. We are not liable for your comments
The group decides on its own rules. If you are part of this group, you agree to abide by these rules.
The Rules:
1. As voted by our members, this is an advertisement-free page. The ONLY exceptions are:
a) LOCAL N.P.O.’s, charitable causes, community based events, (i.e: fundraisers, fêtes, or specialised craft markets).
b) A response to a query for a service or product, - (i.e. a recommendation).
c) An accolade from someone in no way affiliated with the business or service mentioned. (Admin reserves the right to remove any advertisements without notification).
2. Do not publish anything pornographic, racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise outright offensive to others, including foul language or unsubstantiated conversations about illicit or illegal activities.
3. Local businesses or individuals may post employment vacancies. All responses are to be conducted strictly via the contact details provided, or via a personal message to the poster. N.B. We do not allow job seekers, or people seeking on behalf of an employment agency, third party, or for direct marketing, to conduct their business on this page.
4. Any member found in contravention of any of these rules will be banned, and advised accordingly by admin. Said person may appeal to be reinstated within four weeks of being banned. Any further abuse of the page rules after being reinstated will result in a permanent ban from this group.
5. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 administrators will be appointed. Administrators need to be nominated, and introduce themselves, and a voting process will take place before appointment.
6. The rules of this page may only be changed by a general membership debate and subsequent vote. Only an administrator may propose a motion for debate ( 2 days) and subsequent vote (3 days). The debate may lead the administrators to change the wording of the motion. Voting options should be limited to adoption or rejection of the motion. Once voting starts, the motion wording may not change. Should you disagree with the wording, vote to reject, and propose an amendment to the page administrators:
Kim Chapman Wacker
Kathy Kate Stewart
Johan van den Berg
Simon Bloomer
Suzanne Long