TACH (Town and Country Harriers)

Town and Country Harriers (TACH) is an off-road running club dedicated to exploring the varied countryside around Bristol, in the West of England. Our members are a varied group of runners - men and women, young and not so young. The one thing we have in common is a love of off-road running.

We have weekly training runs (from various locations in the countryside around the city) and a popular series of marked and marshalled off-road races (The Summer Pub Series) which is open to other clubs and individuals. Social events range from summer barbecues to our annual Twelfth Night club dinner where the club championship prizes are awarded.

(This FB group is open to anybody, anywhere with an interest in off-road running. Hikers, triathletes, orienteers, mountain bikers, kayakers – or anyone into outdoorsy type activities – also welcome. Please post some evidence of at least a passing interest so we can keep out spammers!)