TaeYeon 태연 International Fan Club

We are here as a community of fellow SONES (esp. Taeyeon fans) from all around the world! Let's share and support Taeyeon together as a team, let's become closer :) Our community is now open to EVERYONE! Welcome!!



1. No badmouthing other members or other fandoms or other artists.

2. Strictly no "who's your bias in SNSD" or "who's the prettiest, cutest, most natural, etc" questions.

3. No comparison of ANYONE: Taeyeon with other GG members; or Taeyeon with other singers or other artists; or anyone with anyone else (eg. comparing Tiffany with Jessica).

4. No promotion of something that is not GG related.
- The post will be deleted without notice -> if another post is found again, the poster will be banned.

5. No posting something that doesn't have connections to Taeyeon at all.

6. MEME or edited pictures are accepted, but make sure it's Taeyeon related.

7. Because this is an "International" Fan Club, strictly no languages other than English (or Korean) allowed in an original post / picture caption. But if you're talking to another member in the comments box with another language, it's allowed.
- The poster will be reminded and will be asked to remove/revise the post.

8. No spreading false information or unconfirmed rumors (eg. fake IG accounts, fake news, etc). Rumors of comeback, new shows, concert, etc are allowed.

9. No discussion about OT8 vs Jessica. Or just about why Jessica left in general.

10. No discussion of haters (either SNSD haters or Taeyeon haters). Talk more about how to "love" than how to "fight" or "hate" haters.

Posts about other GG members rule:

1. Posts about other GG members are allowed on special occasions like birthday, or ONLY recent / latest releases like magazine photoshoots, IG updates, airport pictures, etc. No posting old pictures without any new issues.

2. Make sure that the posts about other GG members don't overshadow posts about Taeyeon (unless it's their birthday). Remember that our focus is still on Taeyeon.

Posts about shippings rule:

1. Shipping is allowed, but restrict it to "real" moments, NOT edited and NOT made up.

2. Fan Arts are very welcomed. But not 18+ content, because we have a wide range of age in our group.

3. NO questions like "do you support this couple" or "how many of you ship this couple", etc.

4. Respect the people who can't accept shippings. Don't push other people to "ship".

*There will be times when admin deletes posts (that violate the rules) without notice.