Sell My Stockpile - Tampa Bay Area

RULES & TIPS FOR THE GROUP Sell my stockpile is a place where couponers in the Tampa Bay Area, have the ability to list for sale or trade items they have an abundance of for free or less then retail prices, therefore offering a discount to others who may need or want these items. It is also somewhere a person can list an ISO post looking for things at discount prices. Buyers - Please do not ask the sellers to lower their prices. They have determined the prices based on their cost and investment. Not all items that couponer get are free, sometimes we do have an out of pocket cost. Additionally, please do not post your opinions on their asking prices. If you think you can purchase it somewhere else cheaper then by all means do it! By adhering to these guidelines we can keep this a drama free group.
Sellers - If you do have any issues please PM me, John Rocky Watterson or Erica Turner and we will take appropriate action. Please do not react rudely or cut someone down. I know it can be frustrating at times but please allow us to handle the members accordingly.