Tango Cazino Group 2015

Dear Friends,
Compania de Tango Cluj - Horia Călin Pop & Ioana Lascu have the great pleasure to invite you to:

The highlight among tango events this summer:
20th-23rd of August 2015, 4th edition
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

4 Days and Nights Milongas, Workshops & Performances
Our motto:
On and on... again and again smile emoticon

Come and enjoy with us the most beautiful location of our city, a historic building, the Cazino, now the perfect place for culture exchange.
In the central part of Transilvania you will find our beautiful city Cluj with warm people, good food and really cheap accommodation.

Important news:
laminated wooden floor inside&outside Cazino brought in especially for this event!

We have an impressive guest list of dedicated, friendly and beautiful tango people:

Fausto Carpino y Stephanie Fesneau (Italy/France/Spain)
Gianpiero Galdi y Maria Filali (Italy/France)

Special Performances
Martin Lutsch y Delia Dragut (Romania/Germania)
Lucas Molina Gazcon y Judit Somos (Argentina/Hungary)

Semeon Kukormin - Russia
Mihai Georgescu - Romania/France
Peppe Sagliapign Di Gennaro - Italy
Gabriela Ioana Manea - Romania
Mikael Holber - Sweden
Raul Navalpotro - Spain
Gabor Meszaros - Hungary
D.j. Dark-Oh Tango - Serbia

Ioana Lascu: 004 0744 662 463
Horia Pop: 004 0744 165 077