"Dreams are not those that we see in sleep, but those that don’t let us sleep"

This group was created on March 8-2012. The main purpose of this group is to provide a guidence to those students who have single dream in life to achieve MDS.
"Lehron ko shannt dekhkar yeh mat samjhna ki
Samundar mein ravaani nahi hain.
Hum jab bhi uthenge...
Toffan ban kar uthenge"...............

Few rules of the group:-
1. Try to post answers with references or with explanations.The person who post the questions, already knows the answer, but doesnt know the reason or concept behind it. and he is expecting from you to post the reason or explanation behind the questions.

2. If you are not sure of the answer please put a question mark(?) behind the answer.

3. If u post a question,it is a request not to post answer but all the importants points related to that question that may have chance to come in exam

4.Please post the reference book of the question from which question is being posted , and if it is a repeat from various Mcq book , please mention the year and also mention in which exam it was asked.

5.Dont copy/paste the material . and use in your blogs etc..

6. No clinical advertisement , or personal abuses ( he/she ) would be permanently banned from the group. We do accept fake ids, but the purpose should be restricted to study only. All clinical advertisement ,would be soon deleted from the group.

7. Edit your profile information soon. If your found fake, you would be delted permanently from this group

Target mds. Team
( Gaurav),mohit