Tastefully Simple Consultants


Welcome! This Tastefully Simple Consultant Facebook group has been started to allow for consultants, nationwide, to share, recognize and learn from one another in an absolutely positive and supportive environment.

To protect the integrity and privacy of this group, those seeking to be a part of this community will be asked to provide their ID and the name of their sponsor. TOO MANY SPAMMERS are trying to JOIN and this is the easiest way to stop them. You can speed up the process by sending a message with that information. Sometimes it's a week or so for verifications. We receive 100s/week, so it helps for YOU to message US.

We check if there is only 1 mutual friend or 1-2 friends in the Group is because they could be Non-TS Friends of some of you. Facebook has suggestions for people based on what their Friend's are in, so with only 1 mutual or 1 in the group, that doesn't mean that they are Consultants. There are 100's of requests during the month, since this is a searchable group.

Negative sentiment, comments, misinformation, or other posts not following the "Golden Rule") will be removed as to keep our businesses moving onward and upward! We all have ups and downs so if you need to vent, please frame your post into a constructive, positive and encouraging way; tell us how you're going to solve for whatever ails you so that it's a learning experience for others.

Any posts that have content against CURRENT WRITTEN POLICY will be removed and the poster WILL NOT be notified. If a member sees an inappropriate posts, then please REPORT it. Sometimes the admins don't see everything.

Have a question? Check on myHQ first; ask your sponsor and then if all else fails, cast a net to the group for a variety of ideas and opinions on the topic. Don't have an active sponsor? Contact your sponsor's sponsor for support - there is someone on your upline that will offer you their open arms if you're willing to ask.

If you are a part of multiple TS consultant groups, please target the group you feel is best able to help with your question to avoid duplication and cross reference.

Please feel free to add fellow Tastebuds to this forum.

*~*Administrative, necessary stuff*~*
*This private group is for Tastefully Simple Consultants, ONLY. All deactivated or people who are not signed consultants will be removed.

*We're committed to following all TS consultant guidelines and business policies.

*Please reach out to the group admin if someone has deactivated or is no longer a Tastefully Simple consultant. The admin(s) reserve(s) the right to remove those who are not consultants.

*Should a consultant opt to block any admin of this group as a way to hide their comments, they may be subject to removal.

*Be patient with the admins, as this is VOLUNTEER on their time. Though this Group may have HQ people on it, none of them are admins or have those privileges