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Post encouraging words, questions, events, photos, links, etc. We love you, Gabriella! We are with you all the way!!

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This is the story of G's journey:
Thursday, April 25, 2013, Paul and Jen got the news no parent wants to hear "your daughter may have leukemia". They were told to travel from their home in Farmington to Albuquerque (3-4 hours away) first thing Friday morning to the University of New Mexico Hospital. The diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia was confirmed that day. Treatment began immediately and could last for years. Gabriella is only seven and this treatment will likely make up a large chunk of her childhood memories. Chemo began Monday, April 29, 2013.

Paul and Jen have also have two boys, (Austin graduated May 22, 2013 and Alex, a junior in the Fall) and will have to make the trek from Farmington to Albuquerque with a regularity that might cripple them financially if we don't do what we know the internet can do. Please help raise them the money that they need to make sure they can concentrate their efforts on getting Gabriella well, give the boys some semblance of normalcy and begin to chip away at what will be an ENORMOUS hospital bill. The expenses associated with making weekly trips to Albuquerque are beginning to add up in a major way.

Any thing you can contribute will help, any fundraising idea you have will be considered, please share and post ....We want the story shared far and wide, we know that there are good people out there, starting with family and friends that want to help a family in need, because it's the right thing to do AND because any one of us could be in the same boat in a heart beat.

Paul and Jen are both veterans (USMC and USN), have worked hard to provide for their family and always played by the rules. We will not let them down during this, their time of need. They have given so much to our country, and their family, now it is our chance to give back to them.

Thank you for paying your good fortune forward and for your prayers and kind wishes.