About Web Technology & Marketing

Dear Friends,
Well come to everyone on this group It’s a Group about WEB TECHNOLOGY & MARKETING. You Can Join us If You have an interest To Learn Something by sharing, I think sharing is a method by which we can enrich our little knowledge. It’s a WEB TECHNOLOGY & MARKETING Group So You Can Post Here Any Type Of problems, Doubt or quires that’s You Want to Know We Will Try to Find It As Soon As Possible. Before join the group please read the following lines carefully

1. it’s a Free and open Group anyone who has interest in Web Technology he or she can join us.
2. To joining us you have no need any qualification but it’s necessary to have your Interest in Web Technology and obviously a friendly behalf.
3. All Members Has Rights to Post their knowledge, ideas including sharing of experiences related to this group,
4. Each member of this group are equal so they have equal rights to make a comment or share their resources does not matter its wrong or right, it’s would be eventually corrected by an expert.
5. After a Successful Solution of an Post Please Mansion by Thanks to the Desired Members.
Note: Members Activity Will Be Promoted Him/her as an Admin of This Group

Rules & Regulations:
These Rules are intended to explain the obligations of members, as to their conduct while joining this Group

1. The group is named “About Web Technology and Marketing” so it’s will be better to Make Your Post, Share or Resources which is related to our group name,
2. Any illegal post, tagging or Comments which is not related our group that’s will be automatically removed by an admin’s 1st notice or may be without notice.
3. No one try to use any slang or insulting language to anyone it’s strictly restricted
4. Don't do publicity of other groups or face book pages
5. Use English language to make a post or to comments its better but other Indian language is also allowed here skip it if you are not able to understand.
Note: By Breaking Any Rule You Will Be Permanently Ban from This Group without any Warning