Teen stuff elk river

this is a group for teenagers, or parents. to buy and sell anything teen age related! please no baby stuff.
1) Be nice, resonable, and specific. post details on what item is you are selling, and a price.
2) first come first serve. that doesnt mean you want it they'll wait 2 weeks for u to pick it up. if someone else can pick it up that day
3) were all people here, act like it. I will block you if you are rude, or nasty. act your age
4) If you say your going to be somewhere please be there, and once an item is picked up please delete it from the site
5) if you are not in the area (i.e otsego, elk river, zimmerman, anything in this area) be willing to meet someone at minnimum in elk river or a close location. it says clearly in the name elk river. not all over minnesota.
6) If you are reported to me even one time for being rude, or agrueing you could be reported. I will not deal with the drama. its supposed to be fun, and helpful. not a nightmare
*NOTE: if you have any sugestions please feel free to send me a message. I am willing to add or change something.