Tel Aviv Anglos

This group is a place to ask questions and seek advice from other Anglos living in Tel Aviv. It can be hard living here, and maybe someone here longer than you has already experienced what you're going through now and has an answer that will help you. Where to buy something, who to hire for something, how to solve some bureaucratic issues.

Promotional posts will be allowed but please keep them to a reasonable level. Posting and re-post the same thread day after day will not be tolerated. If your promotional posts become too frequent and feel like spam to the group, you could be banned.

If your organization/service's posts are non-promotional - such as the "Weekly Dose of Hebrew" videos posted here - and have a 'useful content' feel instead, more frequent posts are acceptable.

Members are welcome to add or approve new members, but please take this task seriously. Check out the applicants profile. We do not want members who are clearly spammers or are likely to incite political and social hatred.