Ten thousand hours

There are a lot of places online to post only finished work. Ten Thousand Hours is NOT one of those places. Ten Thousand Hours has always been about posting sketches (a.k.a. crunches) or WIP (Work in Progress) on a longer piece. Posts can be comprised of 2D art, or 3D art, video, time-lapse sessions, images (Who knows, in the future, maybe people will post photography, poetry or music jam sessions etc.).

PLEASE refrain from posting links and news articles. This is a group about wips, and getting better as artists. Best suggestion, if its questionable... dont post it here.

In the book "Outliers" Macolm Gladwell makes the case it takes about 10,000 hours to get great at something.Ten Thousand Hours should provide a collective way to chart and share our progression as artists. Let's all get better. Together!

Note: Nudity is allowed, so long as it isn't salacious or unnecessarily sexual. Remember that this is still a public area, and all ages are allowed here.

So have fun, enjoy the art other people post, and enjoy posting your own art as well.