Terrace Buy, Sell, Trade or Give Away

This is a place for everyone to buy, sell, trade, or give away your new and used items. It is also a great place for you to post pictures of missing people, pets, lost items, etc.

** There are three ways to post pictures: One: to the group's wall, limit of ONE (1) photo per same item. Please group clothing together in one photo to save wall space. Two: create your own photo album where you can post ALL of your photos (no limits). Three: you can make your own album through your Facebook account and then copy/paste the link on the group's wall. Include details about the item(s) that you are selling. Pictures with no details will be removed without notice or warning.

** Please delete photos when items are no longer available and/or have sold. Make sure you click open your photo, click "Options" at the bottom right side, then click "Remove photo" otherwise it won't work and your picture will remain posted. If you are not able to delete your own pictures, locate YOUR picture and tag an admin's name in the comment field, or just comment on it saying it's a duplicate/sold, needs to be removed, etc so it will be flagged and bumped up on the wall for one of us to remove for you.

TIP: If you are not able to locate a picture or post, click the magnifying glass icon at the top right side of the screen, type your name in the box entitled "Search This Group" and all of your posting activity will show up (most of the time). Otherwise YOU will need to scroll through all of the pictures to locate YOUR pictures/posts.

** Bumping ads will be permitted once a week. If your items are in a album please bump the whole album and not each individual picture. If you are exceeding this limit or bumping each individual picture in your album, your post(s) will be removed. Multiple ads will be deleted.

** All child restraint seats sold or given away in this group MUST comply with Transport Canada's new regulations effective January 1, 2012. To determine this, contact the manufacturer with the make and model number (if the seat was bought BEFORE January 1, 2012) and they will confirm whether or not it is compliant and whether or not it can be sold, given away or loaned.

** This is a buy & sell group and not a public forum for you to share your personal feelings or opinions about somebody, their asking price, quality of their product, etc...in other words, anything that is going to cause drama and bickering. We are here to buy and sell not to view your personal feelings and opinions. Hijacking another members post will also not be tolerated.

Admins will NOT be held responsible for any purchases/sales. Please remember you are buying and selling at your own risk. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to PM one of the admins.