The Football Club

The Football Club
(est. 3rd September 2012)

This is a group created for lovers of football. Doesn't matter what team you support. You're welcome here. We can talk about the matches of the week...discuss our favourite teams and basically talk about the game we love so much.

Welcome to The Football Club!

Code of conduct for The Football Club

1. Don't be an asshole. Respect the game, the teams and the members in here.
2. Engage with like minded people but don't go to war with them. It will make no difference to anyone here if you are booted out but you will miss something special.
3. Please take 30 seconds and read your post before posting. This will help you gain some perspective and be more objective and less offensive.
4. Your club ain't the only one on the face of the planet. Keep the banter clean, don't give if you can't take.
5. The people in admin aren't baby sitters. Be responsible for yourself, enjoy and help others enjoy.

- The club was started by Mihir Joshi to get friends together online to talk about football, hence the funny and literal url of the club /talkfootballindia :) (Also thefootballclub was already taken) :)
- We currently have 13 admins - Rohit Mohan, Subhash Pais, Sunil Mamotra, Terence Johnson, Nolan Lucano D'souza, Abhijeet Barve, Pinaki Mukherjee, Michael Reid, Hansel 'Superfuzz' Anthony, Prashtant Singh, Addy Singh, Neha Joshi and Mihir Joshi
(Feel free to talk to any of them about any questions you may have about the club.)
- We also have a twitter presence though we're mostly active here on facebook. But if you want to follow us we are - @lefootballclub on twitter!
- We touched 1000 members on 1st April 2014